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Recent peer-reviewed publications from our team 


An Outcomes-Focused Analysis of  Laparoscopic and Open Surgery in a Nigerian Hospital

Smiley KE, Wuraola F, Mojibola BO, Aderounmu A, Price RR, Adisa AO.


Racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and survival of patients with breast cancer

Azin A, Tahmasebi H, Brar A, Azin S, Ko G, Covelli A, Cil T


Prevalence and determinants of lymphedema in newly diagnosed Nigerian breast cancer patients using bioimpedance estimations

Wuraola F, Olasehinde O, Di Bernardo M, Akinyemi P, Owoade I, Mohammed T et al., 2023


Utilization of a rapid diagnostic centre during the COVID-19 pandemic reduced diagnostic delays in breast cancer

Ko G, Sequeira S, McCready DR, Sarvanantham S, Li N, Westergard S, Prajapati V, Freitas V, Cil TD



Genetic testing women with newly diagnosed breast cancer: What criteria are the most predictive of a positive test?

Metcalfe KA, Narod SA, Eisen A, Poll A, Zamani N, McCready D, Cil TD et al.,2022


Impact of rapid genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 at time of breast cancer diagnosis on psychosocial functioning

Metcalfe KA, Eisen A, Wright F, Poll A, Candib A, McCready D, Cil T, Armel S, Silberman Y, Brennenstuhl S, Narod SA


The iBreastExam versus clinical breast examination for breast evaluation in high risk and symptomatic Nigerian women: a prospective study

Mango VL, Olasehinde O, Omisore AD, Wuraola FO, Famurewa OC et al., 2022


The out-of-pocket cost of breast cancer care at a public tertiary care hospital in Nigeria: an exploratory analysis

Knapp GC, Wuraola FO, Olasehinde O, Romanoff A, Kingham PT, Alatise OI

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